July 31, 2018
July 31, 2018
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Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Probably the most cosmopolitan grown & sexy beach town west of the Caribbean. Being that it is on the east coast of Mexico, it really has a Caribbean feel to it with a huge Mexican flare mixed in obviously.

  • Avenida 5 (La Quinta) or 5th Avenue as we would say in English is the place to visit cafes, bars and shops. If you happen to be in town for a guys trip or bachelorette party, the Playa Crawl could fit the bill for your group. This consolidated party package allows you and your crew to assemble at multiple establishments during a full night out. However, if you are looking for something more romantic there are other options that are more accommodating for couples.
  • There are also tiny shops just off of 5th Avenue in the main town area of Playa Del Carmen. In this area you will find more cost effective bargains and trinkets that are perfect for souvenirs. I found a liquor store here that was about 90% handmade tequilas, most of which I had never heard of. The owner was really cool, he let me “sample” as much as I wanted so much so that I felt obligated to buy a bottle of some random tequila. (I’m sure that was the store owner’s plan) but either way I enjoyed the experience.
  • Day trips In Playa Del Carmen- I can think of 3 of the more popular trips one would take when visiting PDC
    • Cancun- It is too close not to visit at least for a day just to at least say you have been there. It is definitely much more Americanized and commercialized that PDC but for those who are more into the touristy types of beach town than this is for you. Most of the restaurant you will find are large chains and same thing goes for the hotels and resorts. PDC in my opinion is much sexier but Cancun does have its benefits.
    • The Maya Ruins. Are you a history buff or are you interested in 5000 BC architecture. Tulum is about 45 minutes away and it is essentially a fort right on the water and it is amazing, Chichen Itza is the most famous of the 3 ruins Coba is out in the jungle but in general they are not as well preserved as Chichen and Tulum. Typically people are in PDC for the beaches and resorts and shopping and nightlife, so Tulum is the best of the 3 because you can do it in a half day and be right back pool side the same day.
    • Cozumel- Take the fairy to Cozumel…but only if you are into Scooba Diving or snorkeling. The general vacation will find little to no value in the visit to Cozumel, there is nothing sexy or grown about the shops and restaurants on this island.
  • Fabulous night life options for dancing and foods


  • It is very cliché’ & touristy
  • IT was way too commercial

Puerta Vallarta

  • Good place, Marriott Resort was great for family trip.

CDMX Ciudad De Mexico (Mexico City)

Mexico City is a chic and cosmopolitan urban playground full of all sorts of activities from sight-seeing to museums to the simple everyday expectations of a large metro area. Parks, bike rides, joggers, traffic and buzzing streets from dusk until dawn. Aside from the Aztec ruins and the Toehchilan Pyramids and the many other sights to behold, I made it my mission to find the best Taco during my visit to CDMX.

  1. The street taco in Mexico City’s Reforma neighborhood. As soon as you smell these tacos your tastebuds start begging you to stop and buy one. Since the taco meat is constantly being cooked all day the wait was very short, less than 5 minutes. They tasted amazing but I am not sure about the quality of the meat because my stomach had a bit of trouble digesting them. Other that the street taco experience was great.
  2. La Cardena, I will say that after the free shot of TequillaRevolucion (Tequilla) everything tasted just slightly better. However, I will say the spicy sauce that came with the tacos was what really carried the flavor, if not for the sauce the taco were bland and probably the least fascinating part of my meal at this classic restaurant.
  3. La Cerveceria de Barrio- The environment was great for people watching and sports as well as they had the MLB playoffs on and soccer and well. This place seemed to be more known for it’s non-traditional tacos, like salmon, shrimp and lobster. I must say you don’t see many places that deviate from Chicken, Beef, Steak and Pork but this place did not fit that mold. I have to give them high marks for their taco originality and ambition.

2.Taqueria Los Cocuyos- Very good tacos made freshly and precisely to order, very good place for the picky taco eater. This is another place that has very ambitious taco options, everything from seafood to vegan tacos are available.  This place is located in City Center South. Bolivar 56 Col. Centro Mexico,

  1. TaqueriaLa ConsentidaTacos At Mercado Jorge Jimenez Cantu- We just wanted a snack, but it turned into a full meal. The aroma while walking by got us again, if these tacos tasted anything close to how they smell then we would have found the holy grail of Mexico City Tacos. My first order consisted of one chicken and one steak taco, one bite later of each and I knew this was the winner of the best taco I had experienced in all of CDMX. There rich flavor was so intense that I had to order another 2 and make a full meal out of it. On top of it all, the tacos where less than 30 pasos each which is around $1.50 USD so very affordable. The young cooks making the tacos were really cool too, they spoke limited English and were really tolerant of my broken Spanish as I tried to make adjustments to my order. This was by far the best taco experience I had during the trip and we essentially just stumbled upon this spot. Not going here is like going to Philly and not getting a real cheesesteak
  • The food, amazeballs
  • The parks, serene
  • The history.
  • The chic and cosmo neighborhoods, reminiscent of Barcelona and Madrid

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