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July 31, 2018
July 31, 2018
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Cartegena, Colombia


This is the hipster area of Cartagena. A really dingy and sketchy park separates the walled city tourist area from this poppin local hub of pizza restaurants, tapas bars and restaurants with vegan options. If the walled city reminds you of the French quarters in New Orleans  then this is the 5 ward aka an area that you experience the true flavor of the town’s culture minus the touristy bullshit. You have to spend a day or a night here, id likely try to stay at a hotel in this area on our next trip to Cartagena. Top recommended restaurants include the following.

Demente for Tapas

And any random patio bar for pizza, either by the slice or by the pie. You just can’t go wrong with Pizza in that part of town.

Alex Tours- Experience Real Cartagena:

Roche is a pillar in the Cartagena community of San Francisco as well as ‘the mayor” of the tour to Palenque. Do not visit Cartagena Colombia without taking a day tour to Palenque. The 1st free African town in any of the Americas established in the 1600s and maintains the same traditional African customs their ancestors brought with them to Colombia. Though very poor in resources, the culture is richer than that of any place on earth. I learned so much about the perseverance of these strong willed people. The visit was an inspiration…

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