Travel Revolucion

We provide a simple platform where users can discuss and exchange travel information via a user friendly mobile website. We solve the complexities of venturing into the unknown by connecting travelers who have been where other travelers are going. We create a space for bloggers to share content based on their travels and experiences.

Radically changing the way, WE travel:

We cater to the American International Travel experience:

Constantly providing the top 10 places for Americans to travel to internationally w/ 3-5 honorable mention. The list will refresh in real time based on a constant algorithm.

You can complete door to door travel experiences based on the content of other site users and contributors. The experience can be printed out, download and stored to your phone or available in a real time mobile app available on Apple IOS and Android phones.

Travel Revolucion was “born” during our 2014 honeymoon in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It would be officially launched 3 years later during our visit to Havana, Cuba. During our travels, we noticed more and more people of color visiting abroad. We’ve also seen more travel groups, websites and social media sites dedicated to building a community of African American travelers. It’s been extremely exciting and encouraging to see black travelers taking over the world! We want to push the dial a bit and take it a step further. Travel Revolucion is a community of travelers who enjoy traveling the world solo, with significant others, on girls or guys trips and with families.