• 1st travel planning site combining social media with travel planning. Facebook meets TripAdvisor
  • Site dedicated to connecting travelers to share ideas about travel experiences and plans. Facebook meets TripAdvisor
  • A new site that constantly updates content in real time provided by a combination of user and real time media and social media data. *Travel Revolucionary Star* (TR Star). Earn points for activities. Give group and individual giveaways as a way to monetize what they love (travel).
  • Incentive program where users become an asset and contributor to the site
  • Consolidate multiple sources for vacation research into one travel website/mobile app
  • Consists of every aspect of discussions surrounding travel planning combined with useful data that is updated even while on your trip.


Enhancing travel by consolidating and simplifying the mid-tier to higher-end travel planning process. Offering a one stop experience to bridge you to information from the most popular travel groups. Catering to an emerging market of young professional Urban American travelers while providing up to the date real time travel data from our user group, social media and internet analytics engine algorithm.
Creating a community of travelers who use the platform to discuss and exchange travel information based on their research and experiences. Doing this through the use of blogs, articles, discussion boards, surveys and ....... We cater to the young, professional, hip, urban, woke, community service oriented, fashionable, fun, adventurous crowd.

What We Do

We provide a simple format where users can research travel information via a user friendly mobile website. We solve the complexities of planning travel, we are travel information brokers.

Radically changing the way WE travel:

We cater to the American International Travel experience, with an emphasis on service and humanitarian aspects.

Constantly providing the top 10 places for Americans to travel to internationally w/ 3-5 honorable mention. The list will refresh in real time based on a constant algorithm.

You can use our site as a template for you complete door to door travel experience. The template can be printed out, download and stored to your phone or available in a real time mobile app available on Apple IOS and Android phones.

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